Noyes Academy, Canaan, NH

We often drive through Canaan, NH, and have even stopped by the Canaan beach and boat launch, but today we took the time to visit the Noyes Academy historical marker located at that site. We read the marker and talked about black history, the hardships people went through to establish and attend this school, and the horrific expression of racism and violence that happened in our own state almost 200 years ago.

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2017 North American Eclipse

Today, we were lucky enough to observe a partial solar eclipse from our front yard. New Hampshire is pretty far from the line of totality (the line passed from Oregon to South Carolina) but we were able to observe the 60% occlusion using our pinhole camera.

According to NASA, the eclipse started at 1:36 PM, reached its maximum at 2:43 PM, and ended around 3:55 PM. The boys had Black & White cookies to celebrate the occasion.

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Pease Summer Reading Program 2017

Surprise! An autographed copy of Rick Riordan’s The Trials of Apollo; The Hidden Oracle

Marshall, Harper, and Hudson have completed the Pease Public Library Summer Reading Program for the 2017 year. Marshall got an autographed copy of his favorite author’s newest book.

A transformer’s book and magnadoodle for Harper!

Calvert: Week 1

Marshall just finished his fifth Calvert lesson. I asked him how his week went:

I loved it! It was just fun. I enjoyed the hundreds blocks, tens rods, and the ones units.

There were some struggles, but at least he remembers it fondly.

Calvert: Year 2, Lesson 4

Marshall, Harper and Hudson made Venn diagrams today. They made one of themselves, another of two of our plants, one of our cat Luke and dog Bella, and a fourth of our two goldfish.

Marshall also worked with graphic organizers in the online portion of his lesson.