Calvert: Week 1

Marshall just finished his fifth Calvert lesson. I asked him how his week went:

I loved it! It was just fun. I enjoyed the hundreds blocks, tens rods, and the ones units.

There were some struggles, but at least he remembers it fondly.

Calvert: Year 2, Lesson 4

Marshall, Harper and Hudson made Venn diagrams today. They made one of themselves, another of two of our plants, one of our cat Luke and dog Bella, and a fourth of our two goldfish.

Marshall also worked with graphic organizers in the online portion of his lesson.


Marshall and I went to Nighttime Stories at the Pease Public Library, but we were the only ones who showed up! We explored the YA section and the Rick Riordan series, and we got a book light for Marshall on the way home. He’s spending a lot of time reading lately (he burned through Sea of Monsters in two days) and I don’t want him straining his eyes.

Calvert: Year 2, Lesson 1

Today was Marshall’s first day with the Calvert program! The newness of it all was exciting for everyone. He enjoyed his lessons and seemed enthusiastic about the whole experience.